This post is to give you a birds eye view of the work that is being done all together by the New IFB movement. Recently I saw a post online about the Southern Baptist Convention beginning to soul win. The numbers that they presented were abysmal. Out of 1000 people reached, 15 were saved. The numbers of real soul winning honestly represent much higher. Have a look for yourself.

By the Numbers:

Verity Baptist Church Vancouver:
2016-2017: 350 saved, 10 baptisms

Stedfast Baptist Church:
2014: 200 saved, 16 baptisms
2015: 600 saved, 24 baptisms
2016: 1900 saved, 42 baptisms
2017: 1795 saved, 19 baptisms
SBC Grand total: 4495 saved, 101 baptisms

Faith Baptist Church:
2016-2017: 300 saved, 15 baptisms

Word of Truth Baptist Church:
2013-2017: 350 saved, 7-10 baptisms

Old Path Baptist Church:
2016-2017: around 1000 saved, 39 baptized

Faithful Word Baptist Church:
2005: 33 saved
2006: 200 saved, 16 baptized.
2007: 226 saved, 12 baptized
2008: 941 saved, 9 baptized
2009: 1258 saved, 14 baptized
2010: 1143 saved, 21 baptized
2011: 1264 saved, 15 baptized
2012: 1043 saved, 2 baptized
2013: 1199 saved, 18 baptized
2014: 1556 saved, 37 baptized
2015: 2546 saved, 67 baptized
2016: 5141 saved, 116 baptized
2017: 6289 saved, 173 baptized
FWBC Grand total: 22, 839 saved, 500 baptized

VBC: unreachable for comment

TBC: unreachable for comment

Resurrection Baptist Church (Malawi):

After the missions trip till now: 560 souls saved, 31 baptisms

Higher Ground Baptist Church, Pastor Edward Boquiren, In Canan Norte Malasiqui Pangasinan Philippines:

Since September 2016: 400 saved, 12 baptisms

Missionary Richard Symes: 2300 saved in the last 12 months


Soulwinning Works

As you can see from these numbers, soul winning works. This is a total of over 32000 souls saved! Most of these churches are newer churches, and the oldest is only 12 years old, so the amount of soul winning that is going on is massive. The great commission is literally being played out before our eyes. 714 baptized. This post doesn’t even capitalize on the church attendance of these churches which somewhat accounts for the “teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you” but not even including the internet reach of all of these churches.

Here in Beaufort SC I have listened to preaching from all over the country; from Stedfast, Word of Truth, Old Path Baptist, and more. These churches have all had a part in helping me learn to observe all things that Jesus has commanded, and that are in the Bible to do. Leave a story in the comments about these churches influence in your lives to illustrate this point to others.

image credit: Beautiful Feet Ministries

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