A Personal Testimony of All Scripture Baptist Church

The Purpose of this article is a little different than our usual articles. Of churches, new events in our movement, or awesome works that are going on (although this is an awesome work). This article is from my heart as the editor of the blogs at KJVRVG, and it is a testimony on how good God has been in building All Scripture Baptist Church and continues to do so.


When I Met Pastor McCraney

I met Pastor McCraney back in February of this year. Back then he was just brother Huford. Pastor McCraney was sitting in a booth with his charge Maddie, wife Bethany, and friend Tony Velasquez, and them being new I reached out to meet them. It was no coincidence that God brought us together in fellowship. For the next hour or so we had some great fellowship over lunch, so much so that I just decided to skip lunch all together! We talked about his background in being a mountain man, how he had found out about the post trib rapture independently of Pastor Anderson, and his desire to pastor someday. His desire was kindled because of the great need.


ASBC Coming Together

Over the next 2 months I had a lot of great fellowship with Pastor McCraney. We spoke of many topics, and he became like a father to me. In weak moments, he gave me great advice. It was over these few months that God began to work on my heart to go to ASBC. I watched as God worked on his heart to move through adversity of the church he had lived at for several years, and how they had put him on the shelf because of his stance on Born that Way. He then contacted his former Pastor down in Mississippi and told him of the situation.

His former pastor decided to keep him from being put on the shelf because of his stand on born that way. This pastor had labored in training Pastor McCraney, and had seen him raise children, had seen his testimony in the church, yet Pastor McCraney had not had a desire to become a pastor until more recently. On April 23rd Pastor McCraney was ordained!


God Building the Church

After Pastor McCraney was ordained, he spent a month getting everything for the church together. We spent countless hours on our knees praying to God for his blessings in this church start. He found a humble home to start in located near the heart of Knoxville TN, and even invited a family in to the church house to stay there while they got on their feet. Then on May 28th the church had it’s first services, and the house was packed! Every chair that we set out was occupied, and the house room could barely contain everyone!

We had 25 people in the first services. That day wasn’t just awesome for the first services, but we had soul winning that weekend, and after church one of the first people to go to the church got saved. Her name is Ms. Mary, and she received Jesus as her savior during soul winning after church on Sunday. We had around a dozen or so saved that first weekend.

Since that first weekend, there have been many people who have come out of the woodwork but have been added to the church and been faithful workers. It has been a blessing in it self to watch the Holy Spirit moving in peoples hearts to move to the church, and be built up in it. The church now consistently runs around 30-40 people, and that in the last 3 months! Every week it seems that we hear from some one new who wants to grow in this church where solid doctrine is being preached, and soulwinning is happening.



Since the church has started, almost 250 people have been saved, and there have been a handful of baptisms. EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE CHURCH went out soulwinning this last weekend, save a few little ones. The church is going out soulwinning at least 3 times every week for a few hours each time. This already adds up to hundreds of man hours of the past few months.



This week ASBC is waiting to hear back about getting into a store front building. That little house is too small now to contain them all. God is bringing together great fellowship in the church. Many little children are being received and suffered to hear the preaching. Someday they will become the next generation of bible believing Christians.



Get on your knees and pray. When we seek after the heart of God, and when we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, God does great things. For every man that desires to be a pastor, take a note out of this man’s book. Pray often. Soul win often. Read your Bible often. Be a good testimony in your local church, and step out on faith when the Lord leads you to do something great. God will reward it.


God Bless!
Collin Schneide, Team Lead


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