Sharpening the Sword of the Lord

Here at the KJVRVG we have begun a new chapter that we never even thought previously possible. Not only are we at the point of making 9 different languages in Audio Format for the New Testament, but we are beginning to make revisions of several of these Bibles. This is uncharted waters even for our Team as we pray and following the Word of God. The need is great because some the languages texts are so old it is like trying to read Middle English in our terms. If not this, available Versions are good, but don’t fully line up with the Textus Receptus, or the KJV. Each of these languages needs their Sword sharpened.


Current Revisions

Currently we have begun work on two different revisions specifically done by members of our team. Brother Sean McCrary is creating a revision of the German New Testament, the Schlachter McCrary. Brother Prashant Kanhurkar is creating the revision, the 1874 Hindi Kanhurkar New Testament. This marks a new precedent for this work. Currently Brother McCrary has completed several of the books of the Bible and is working on John, Brother Prashant has just begun and is working on Matthew. We are also embarking right now on the revision of the Old Punjabi Bible to reach the Sikh community of the world with the Word of God and the gospel.


Our Process

Here at the KJVRVG we have two simple rules that apply to our revision process. 1. You do not go back to the Greek. This is a strong principle for our team. We have a perfect Bible that is available today in our language, the KJV. The Problem with going back to the Greek is that if you don’t understand the context of the Bible, you can still mess up the translation. This leads to rule 2. When you translate from the KJV you can compare the scripture with other scripture to ensure that you have the right translation, and meaning. With these two rules in mind, our team endeavors to sharpen the Sword.


The Battle We’re Preparing For

As native speakers in each language are getting saved, and stepping up to the work they are called to do, God is using them. As the Bible says Jesus saved us and made us to be “a peculiar people, zealous of good works”. This is a noble work. One which is to sharpen the Sword in each native language. We can have it that speakers of that language can have a better opportunity to preach the gospel, and cry aloud with the truth in this wicked and perverse generation. We have a perfect Bible in English because the English saved people were doing great works for God. God blessed that. If the Spanish of the 1600’s had been stepping up to do the works we could have had a perfect Bible in Spanish too.

Still, there’s that very real possibility today as Spanish speakers are stepping up to the plate. In our generation we can have a perfect Spanish Bible. But only if the saved Spanish speakers of our movement will step up and do the work, believing the promises.


The Cornerstone of this Project

The Cornerstone of this project are the promises of God. Has promised to bless his Word to magnify it. Verses like Acts 19:20 so mightily grew the word of God, and prevailed, is a great example to us of something God has done, and will do again in our generation. He wants all men to be saved. With a native faithful Bible revision that is all the much more possible and practical. When we ask anything according to his will he gives it to us. This project, and these revisions are according to His will. As we have asked so has he given. It is really that simple.

God has even given more than we’ve asked. Thou preventest me with the blessings of goodness, as David said. Many times God gives when we haven’t even asked. Be faithful to the Bible, to the law of the Lord. Do the work that he has given you. Raise your families, seek out opportunities to reach the lost. Preach the gospel. Take a stand for the truth everywhere you go. Stay up late and get up early working on doing something for the Kingdom of God. The Lord will lead you, being in the way. Our Team being in the way, is being led of the Lord to sharpen the Sword.

Here’s a sermon about being in the way, and God leading you:

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