Stedfast Baptist Church Jacksonville, an Exclusive Interview

Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth TX has allowed us to interview him on the coming church plant in Jacksonville, FL. This Church plant is going to continue a great tradition of hard preaching and soul winning that Stedfast Baptist Church has been accomplishing. Pastor Romero is sending Brother Adam Fannin to go and run the day to day operations of the church, while he will continue to pastor until the church is ready to become its own independent church. This church will continue the vision of SBC, as well as run local events in the area, and is already expected to suffer persecution. All answers are paraphrased and or written in a journalistic style.


Pastor Romero, Who is Adam Fannin?

Adam Fannin is a dedicated member of SBC who has been going to the church for a number of years. He was there when the church was in the house, and has been an amazing blessing. When the church first began, we had van problems, and brother Adam Fannin would pick up half the family for church and take them back home. He has a hardworking mentality, and is willing to do any job. Even if you needed him to change the light bulb. He is like my assistant Pastor, and when people come to the church they assume he’s the assistant pastor. Adam conducts himself very wisely. Every church needs an Adam Fannin. He is one of my best friends, and his wife is best friends with my wife.

Adam and his family are incredibly hospitable. Countless people who have moved have stayed at his house for a while. One time, Brother Fannin and his family took in a family of 8 for a month when they had first moved to the church. He has done a lot of great works. Adam Fannin is very studied, and knows his Bible very well. When you engage him on different topics he’s familiar and well-rounded on a lot of Bible doctrine.


What is SBC and SBCJ’s vision?

Our vision is to reach as many people with the gospel as possible, get them in church, and help them grow. Many of the people in our church, have won their first soul in our church. We are bringing people from silent partner to soul winner. We also do different soul winning events around Fort Worth, and small towns. These events we will be doing as well in Jacksonville FL.

**Editor’s Note** SBCJ will also be hosting a soul winning marathon on their opening weekend. Check out their website for details.


What would you say to critics who say that you are starting a “mini denomination”?

Well the Bible doesn’t call it a Satellite church. It’s clear that Paul in the book of Acts was overseeing ministries on behalf of Jerusalem. His job was to start churches, and then later he would follow up with them and see how the churches were doing. The end result of this was to ordain pastors and elders in all the cities, commending them unto the Lord. Then they would be an independent church.

Churches beget churches, and it’s clear, that when they had a problem in a church i.e. Acts 14 and 15, Paul went back to Jerusalem first in dealing with the problem. James, then made the decision, and handed down the decision to the church because the church was not independent yet. The whole book of Acts shows this principle. Eventually Adam Fannin will be the pastor, and the ordination will just be a formality.


Persecution and Preparation

The church will already have a lot of humble people ready to serve that love the Lord. People criticize it as a “mini-denomination” but it’s not a deonomination because the goal is to make it an independent church as soon as Biblically possible. Please be praying for the church. There are still people trying to attack it. Tyler is still planning on going to Jacksonville, so if he comes he’ll be there to cause problems. Pray for God to intercede and keep people strong.

Collin Schneide- I personally got to visit Heavenly Heights Baptist Church this last weekend. There are now 7 families there waiting for Stedfast Baptist Church Jacksonville to arrive. These are people who love soul winning, hard preaching, and are hard workers as well. If God stirs up your heart to help with the preparations of the church there is a donate link below. You can also contact the church for any needs they may have as they begin the transition of Adam Fannin to Jacksonville FL and the starting of the church.




Promo Video of Brother Adam Fannin’s preaching and SBCJ:

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