There’s a new soul winning marathon that is coming up being lead by Brother Sean Jolley, in the Ricmond Virginia area (RVA) on May 20th. This soul winning marathon is going to be great, because the Word of God is powerful and because you believe in soul winning. However, there’s something that might make it even more awesome. That something is Hyles Baptist Church.


Hyles Baptist Church

Pastor Ron Talley is one of the rare men, and a dying breed at that, whom Pastor Anderson has spoken of that has ramped up the soul winning in his church, despite this dead as a doornail old IFB movement. The church is hard preaching, completely against Sodomites and preaches reprobatism, heavy on soul winning, and very Old Fashioned. Children are welcome in the services, hymns psalms and spiritual songs are the only things played, and they are working hundreds of man hours of soul winning every month. Regardless of some of the standard issues with old IFB churches, Pastor Talley responded very positively when approached about Born that Way ministries and Bob Gray.

Hyles Baptist’s Testimony

Hyles Baptist Church has an amazing testimony when it comes to soul winning. Brother Sean Jolley visited recently, and had this to report. Pastor Talley has won at least one soul to Christ every day of his life for the last 7 years! I personally sat in on a message where Pastor Talley explained how he tries to preach the gospel to anyone and everyone he can, everywhere he can. It’s like the message he’s getting across is “have a plan to preach the gospel to everyone you meet.” The church has church wide soul winning at least twice a month, and soul winning every week if not twice a week, with unofficial soul winning by the members as well. This church is winning when it comes to personal soul winning.

The average layman can tell you great Bible truths such as the homos being damned to hell, and stand very well behind it by Romans 1. Brother Sean Jolley took a video of Pastor Talley preaching and to tell it by effect, he was sprinting the whole time. Preaching hard, filled with the Holy Ghost every minute of the sermon. The man is very aged, and soon to pass off the scene. So if you have the opportunity to visit this church or live in the area, go to this church, even if whilst you prepare for one of the great churches in our movement.

We Need your Assistance

Hyles Baptist is considering being the official church attached to the RVA soul winning marathon, and they love the idea as they have 30 of their members going out each normal soulwinning session! They are also correct on the gospel; I personally went soul winning with Pastor Talley and witnessed him winning several people. There is no mudding of the gospel because his presentation is crystal clear, likened unto a Romans Road type.

Get in contact with Pastor Talley and encourage him and the church to make the decision to officially endorse the soul winning marathon. Make a difference and show this Pastor the support from all over the country for this soul winning marathon! You can contact him at or reach his church phone and leave a voicemail at (804) 796-9020. He does respond to phone calls.

Event Information

Support the RVA Soul Winning Marathon here:
RVA Soulwinning Donations
Funds go to pay for Bibles, food, tracts, and the like.

Here is the official event page for the event where you can RSVP for the RVA Marathon!
RVA Soulwinning Marathon


Preaching at Hyles Baptist

Pastor Talley is also hilarious.
‘Some people think we’re Pentecostal. Amen, we’re Pentecostal, Acts chapter 2! (Holy Ghost power!)’
‘They have a woman pastor they don’t have a church!’
‘They Don’t have a (King James) Bible, they don’t have a church, let the church roll on!’
‘Some people complain to me about children running around… it’s ok! Let the church roll on!’
‘yall thank God that you got a preacher that loves his wife and not someone elses, Amen!’
‘…God called me to preach and not you!’ ‘There ain’t a whole lot of preaching going on around this country, hell fire preaching! Leave me alone, I’m the only preacher you got, we ought to have church and let the church roll on!’
‘There is no quit (on soulwinning everyday)’
‘This is your church, and she’s gonna go on with or without me or you, let the church roll on.’


“Let the Church Roll on!”
The entire sermon is available on the church live feed: Hyles Baptist Live
Click on the multi video icon in the top right corner of their live feed for the sermons.

Preach it!

Posted by Sean M K Jolley on Sunday, March 26, 2017

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