Ruckmanites Exposed, Dr. Sam Gipp’s heritage

All of the recent attention to the preacher Dr. Sam Gipp is not new. Dr. Sam Gipp has been waxing worse and worse as the Bible says of deceivers, and has graduated from the deceived to the deceiver. The point of this article is to expose the deceiver who lead Sam Gipp into all this heresy in the first place. Back when Sammy was just a young man he was very influenced by the preaching of a man named Dr. Peter Ruckman.

Dr. Ruckman was a racist, hyper dispensationalist, he taught people to guess the date of the rapture. He set his own false date of the rapture in 1989, believed in double inspiration, believed at least for a time that abortion was ok, because life began at birth. His booklets have catholic influence on the covers, and this along with a slew of other weird things such as the blood of Adam and Eve being water, the heresy that the moral law of the OT doesn’t apply, and more.



During the course of his life, Dr. Ruckman put out many booklets teaching various doctrines. Below are some pictures showing the examples of things he taught.

Personal Experience

Dr. Ruckman’s name is gold here in on the East Coast in the South. You can’t go to many churches around here without hearing about how this pastor married him for the third time, or this preacher quote him. He has a Bible school down in Pensacola FL where he trained up many of these men. The men that came out of these schools teach hard core repent of your sins works based salvation. They teach the same doctrines, negating the Old Testament law, and abortion.

I was saved (thanks to the efforts of the Washington DC Soul winning marathon)while attending one of these churches, and later the preacher would not allow me to preach a sermon on abortion being murder because he did not believe it! They follow the same preaching style as Gipp. Preach stories, that don’t always line up with Bible doctrine but sound real entertaining or interesting.

This website is a great resource for quotes from his many books. You can see that Dr. Ruckman taught that Satan committed adultery with Eve, he believed the Gap theory. He viciously attacked people and berated with with filthy language, or straight up lied about them. You can’t make this stuff up. Does this start to make sense where Sam Gipp got his material from? He calls those who teach grace by faith salvation in both Testaments an “anti-biblical heresy of the worst sort.” Is it any wonder that his converts are teaching even worse doctrine than he?

Whether it’s his teaching on Christians being possessed by Demons, and can describe what they look like, to his massive library of over 130 books with all sorts of weird doctrines, he is influencing both Sam Gipp and Bryan Denlinger. Check out this pic, notice anything about the books on the third shelf and the books on Bryan Denlinger’s book case? Same books



Peter Ruckman’s vivid imagination, as well as history of flagrant and blatent lies and statements about people, as well as off the wall doctrine, perfectly explain the Sam Gipps and Bryan Denlingers today. This is the real heresy behind the wickedness of Sam Gipp. Compare this last statement with recent statements from Sam Gipp about Pastor Anderson: “Every major, recognized Christian Scholar in this century is a habitual, chorinic, intentional, pathological LIAR (Gen 3:1)” he lumps in some good men with all those bad names on that wall of books.

Look at an example of his wicked statements “Advocates of birth control will notice that the destruction of a child in the fetal or embryonic state is NOT counted as MURDER in spite of the literature published between 1960 and 1970 by overzealous kingdom builders who habitually ignore the authority of the scriptures when dealing with personal and emotional issues.”
The list goes on. We don’t have time to cover all his heresy. Even his superstitious numbers issue. Truly the Bible is right teaching that deceivers will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

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