Mountain Baptist Church

We at the KJVRVG are excited for the coming of Mountain Baptist Church! Brother Jason Robinson agreed to allow us to call him and ask him some questions on the upcoming church he will be pastoring. If you live anywhere in the local area of West Virginia, this church is for you!


Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson is 32 years old, born and raised in West Virginia. He grew up in a home with Christian values though no family member of his was saved. Brother Robinson was saved in Highschool when he was invited to a Baptist church revival. There a personal friend of his named Michael Malutich shared the gospel with him and won him to the Lord. He then grew with him and Brother Matthew Stucky while in college, and eventually ended up at Emmanuel Baptist in Morgantown WV.
Brother Robinson wanted to start a church since back in 2008 when he first met Pastor Anderson, although he did not meet the qualifications until much more recently. He is now happily married with 2 children.



Mountain Baptist Church is a salvation by faith alone church. They believe in using only the KJV in English, and don’t believe you can lose your salvation once you have it. The church also rejects “repent of your sins” for salvation, as well as rejecting Calvinism, and dispensationalism. They are of the same stripe as Pastor Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church and Pastor Jimenez from Verity Baptist Church. Already Brother Robinson has had a great positive effect on his current church through soulwinning and serving as a Deacon. For more doctrines check out their website at



Mountain Baptist Church’s vision for Christ is to reach all of North Central West Virginia. This encompasses the areas of Morgantown, Fairmont, and Clarksburg. This is a very spread out area over all. Brother Robinson therefore is planning to have many small town soul winning marathons. There marathons will encompass many of the unincorporated areas around these towns.

The church will be starting on September 17th 2017, and will be accompanied by a Soul winning marathon the day prior. Meet at the church location on the website at 10am for the marathon.
Location details here at


Personal Comments

Brother Robinson is excited about starting the church, because ever since he was saved he has been looking for a church that does hard preaching and is really sold out for soul winning. His church will incorporate both of these things. Mountain Baptist Church will be a church that is not afraid to preach every bit of the Bible, there will be no apologies.

Fellowship is also a big thing to look forward to. The church will be starting out with a few families, and the biggest blessing will be these families getting to grow together in a great doctrinal church. The fire is lit, and they plan to keep it going as the years go on.

West Virginia is a very friendly area because there are a lot of poor people. Half the population of Morgantown are students hole WVU is in session which attributes to both receptive and hardened “academic” minds. Clarksburg and Fairmont are very receptive. Every week Brother Robinson and co-laborers see people saved.

For More Information
You can check out their website listed above, or check out their YouTube channel at

Or you can contact the church at

Here’s a sermon preached by Brother Jason Robinson at Verity Baptist Church:





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