All Scripture Baptist Church, Pastor Mccraney, First Service!


We at the KJVRVG previously wrote about the exciting new addition of All Scripture Baptist Church in our post, and are excited to announce the coming of the first services! Pastor K. H. Mccraney is of the same doctrines that we are, and is of the same heart to reach the lost. Their official website information as well as doctrines is located on our website at



All Scripture Baptist Church is located in Knoxville TN. This location is well situated according to a reach the world plan created by Faithful Word Baptist Church. However, All Scripture Baptist Church is not sent out by FWBC, but rather by a local church in Mississippi. The church is meeting in a temporary rental house.  Contact Pastor Mccraney for more information on the location at



A Formal Endorsement

Pastor Manly Perry, from San Antonio Texas,  is good friends with Pastor Mccraney. The two of them understand the same plights coming from the Old IFB movement. When reached for comment about recommending All Scripture Baptist as a good church to go to, Pastor Perry gave the following:

Brother Mccraney is definitely not your Johnny come lately. he is a seasoned fundamentalist, soul winner, and Bible man! If I lived any where near his church, I would definitely go check it out!

It couldn’t be said any better from our team at the KJVRVG. If you need a church and you live around the Bible belt area, this is the church for you.


Pastor Mccraney

Known to his friends as brother Huford, Pastor Mccraney has been a great encouragement in several believer’s lives. He is a hard-working man that is constantly out soul winning in the Knoxville area. During his time at Liberty Baptist Church where he visited for years in Maryville TN, he was constantly driving a carload of people to and from the church several times a week. He and his wife raise up Maddie, who is their child in the faith. If you ou meet the girl yourself it is evident that they are teaching her properly according to the Word of God. She even comes with them to soul winning marathons.

Pastor Mccraney is a humble man who works on a farm for a living as well as third shift at a factory. There is no glamor about All Scripture Baptist Church. If you visit you will find folding chairs, used song books, and a handmade wooden preaching podium. There is, however, the Spirit of the Lord. Pastor Mccraney loves the Word of God. He has made the point to distinguish himself that he is not the follower of any man or movement, but of the KJV itself. Since FWBC, WOT, and many others line up with Biblical teaching, Pastor Mccraney aligns with this movement on doctrine. However, the man is not afraid to stand for Bible truth even if another pastor in this movement believes different.


Personal Remarks

My name is Collin Schneide, Team Lead for the KJVRVG. The start-up of All Scripture Baptist Church is personally very exciting to me. I met Pastor Mccraney at the Augusta Soul winning marathon on February 4th, and since then we have grown to become good friends. The man is very personable, and gives of himself, and his time to others. Originally I was planning on moving my family to FWBC, for many good reasons. However, God has placed it on my heart much stronger to be a part of this church starting up. Pastor Mccraney has been there for my family in different situations, and has always given strong biblical advice. He is a great encouragement. His advice made the difference in my family taking the trip up to the Richmond Virginia Soulwinning marathon, just recently, for example.

It is a great honor to be part of a startup of a church, especially a likeminded believing one, because it takes a great deal of faith to move your entire family to a location that you can’t see the end from the beginning. We know that God will bless his church and build it, we know that souls will be won and lives will be changed. That is evident from the pattern set forth even by great churches like FWBC and VBC, and as we continue in the same doctrine, we will reach the same destination or jail. God will build this church. He will build it with members of all sorts of strengths, the lost will be won and from Knoxville outward there will be aggressive soul winning outreach far beyond.

If God stirs up your heart to be built up in this church, come and see Pastor Mccraney’s zeal for the Lord.

Here’s a sermon clip on getting your family in a good church:

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