No Coincidences

Here at the KJVRVG we do not believe in coincidences. Every day we pray for the rain and God brings the rain. God has been building this ministry, churches in our movement, and I believe that exposing false teachers is a good part of God building these works. Tyler Baker has already been given the opportunity to view the charges made against him by Pastor Anderson even by others in this movement, and has refused to answer to charges, giving political answers that don’t answer questions.
There are only three questions that Tyler Baker had to answer:
1. Do you believe in the Trinity?
2. Do you believe in Modalism?
3. How do you baptize?

He only had to give three answers. Yes. No. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. There is no doubt here that Tyler Baker, purposly not giving a clear answer when PROMPTED, removes doubt of the charges laid against him. It would be another thing if he had simply refused to speak at all, but to answer and refuse to face the charges is another. As the Bible says “in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established.” We can only declare the things we have both seen and heard.

“in a nut shell though, is the video factual as to what Pastor Anderson is claiming?”

Tyler Baker “it’s not that simple, some things are kinda factual, some aren’t.”

Still No Coincidences

For those who have, and haven’t, moved. There are THREE great churches all around 7-8 hours from Jacksonville FL:
Faith Baptist Church: 7hrs 41 minutes, 546 miles. Also see
Temple Baptist Church: 7 hrs 2 minutes, 475 miles. Also see
All Scripture Baptist Church: 7 hrs 54 minutes, 547 miles. Also see

We believe that God is building these churches, and have been actively praying for them. Even more so that God has prevented many of you from moving already so that you can still move to one of these good churches with better circumstances rather than move to JAX then move again. God wants each of us in a good local church, and now is a critical decision time for many to follow through with this intent.


Pray And Move

God will build these churches with or without you. We pray for you, and ask that you pray for guidance in this decision. Check out the above links to these churches, visit their websites, see their doctrines, and listen to their preaching. We believe that God will lead accordingly. Each of these churches have undergone persecution and been proven in their faith and stand. Ask them about their stories.

Here is the bad news video from Pastor Anderson about Tyler Baker and his fatal heresy:

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