Our new Global Vision with the Word of God. After listening to several of Pastor Anderson’s videos of the current decent versions of the Textus Receptus Bibles available in several different languages, along with prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, the KJV RVG application will be expanding to the availability of many different Audio New Testaments as well as their text. Each will also come with a plan of salvation. This is in line with the word of God in Mark 16 which says Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel, and in Matthew “teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I have commanded you” in the great commission given by Jesus Christ. We will be providing these Audio New Testaments in every language that we know of that has a decent Bible. Currently those Bibles are:


Faithful Bibles and their Readers

King James Bible (English) to be read by Domonique Davis
Reina Valera Gomez (Spanish) to be read by Sean Jolley and 1602p to be read by Jorge Ramos
Almeida Corrigida Fiel (Portuguese) to be read by Renato Trevisan
StatenBijbel (Dutch) to be read by __________
Gdansk (Polish) to be read by Conrad Rutkowski
Van Dyck (Arabic) to be read by __________
Zammit (Maltese) to be read by __________
Armenian Version t0 be read by __________
Nepali Version t0 be read by __________
Synodal (Russian) to be read by __________
Bible Martin (French) to be read by Pastor Joe Major
Textus Receptus (Greek) to be read by __________

These versions of the Bible are recommended by Faithful Word Baptist Church, and most can be found on the Trinitarian Bible Society Website for sale. As the editor and lead of what I would like to call Faithful Audio Bibles, the goal is that we want you, the saved reader, to produce your own Audio New Testament using these Texts for us to put into the application. All you have to do is read the chapters using free software online called “Audacity” and send the files to us to allow us to format the chapters into a viable format for use in the Faithful Audio Application.

Our Prayer

We are praying for God to stir up the hearts of readers of these languages to help us make these versions a reality in this application, and several of each language for reading and verification. The process is quite simple and the addition of text in the application will also be provided for the listener to read along someday. Each language will come with a plan of salvation which will allow us to take the plan of salvation across international boundries! Applications for Android and IOS are downloadable and usable in any country that you have an Iphone or Android.

For instance, the development team of this application WebsMaven, developed it from their office in India. So we have the opportunity to reach the whole world with this application of Audio and text of all these great Bibles in once place! Not only that, but we have the opportunity to edify the saints of the whole world with the audio and have the plan of salvation in all these countries that speak these languages.

Each language will financially be free as by development costs to create the library of language Audio and Text for both Android and IOS, and once finished will be available for as long as the App Stores exist. God will stir up men of faith to reach the world with the Word of God, we look forward to hearing from you.

Here is the video from pastor Anderson of the decent versions of the Textus Receptus in different languages:

Faithful Word App