Foundation Conference

2 ½ Months from now, Pastor Manly Perry and Old Path Baptist Church will be hosting their first FOUNDATION CONFERENCE. This Conference is great for a few different reasons, the first being that it will incorporate new preachers from our movement together with the established preachers. Pastor Anderson and Pastor Perry will be preaching alongside Pastor Johnson, Pastor McMurtry, and Pastor Joe Major.

The second, this conference is great is because the need is great in this generation. The Old IFB movement saw a lot of causalities, but none so great as the children who grew up in lame watered down churches that they wanted no part of when they grew up. This conference is directly aimed at addressing this issue to prevent it from happening again. Lastly, this conference is going to be a blessing because it gives the ladies in our movement the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Anderson one on one about homeschooling, while the men will be taking the children out soulwinning!


The Preaching

The conference, being hosted from September 14-16th will be hosting two preachers each of the first 2 nights. These preachers have been standing for truth and hard preaching on the east coast. Pastor Johnson from Jacksonville NC preached so hard he preached most of the Old Church he took over from his Dad out the door. Pastor Joe Major stood firmly on the issues of Born that Way and the Post Trib Rapture that his previous church cut all ties with him.

Also, Pastor McMurtry had the guts to approach Sam Gipp one on one at the Anti-Anderson Conference and allow him to reveal Sam Gipp for the spineless false prophet that he is. Sam Gipp ran away even when he wasn’t being pursued. Needless to say, the stories of trials, tribulation, and persecution are encouraging to hear about, and should be a great example of what is to come at this conference.


This Generation

Truly the Old IFB movement did a dis-service to our children. As many of you know. I personally have been kicked out of a church for refusing to put my children in the nursery. The lack of suffering of the children is evident. So because the children are neglected both by the church in the nursery, and the parents who abandon their children to feed themselves and feel helpless, many end up leaving all together.

This conference is going to strengthen our movement and encourage our families in how to raise up our children ourselves: the way the Bible teaches us. If anything we need more of this type of event and preaching to remove our children from the neighbors care and take responsibility for our own children to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


The Ladies

How many of our wives have benefited from Mrs. Anderson’s Q and A sessions, blog posts, and example of raising up a Godly household? There wouldn’t be enough time to tell the stories. “Are They All Yours?” Has been a great example of ways to improve your marriage, manage your household, raise your children, manage your money, and still reach out to do even more like run a small business. To Give Mrs. Anderson a platform to teach the women how to follow these examples was a great idea, and I look forward to seeing the positive benefits these women will receive. Hopefully it will be put online for other women to learn from as well.


Soul Winning

No conference is complete without soul winning. During the time that the women are being lead by Mrs. Anderson, the men will be taking their children out to preach the gospel. Most likely this will not be the only Soul winning time, but this one will special because it is the first that is specifically tailored to the parents taking the children out soul winning. This is critical because the way we teach our children in many cases is by example.

Our children will learn to be soul winners when we take them out with us to do so. Like on the Job training, you don’t learn how to be an electrician simply by studying books, but as an apprentice following an experienced professional. So this is a first in our movement in gearing the soulwinning toward teaching the next generation.


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