Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church is located in Violet LA right outside of New Orleans. It is a great new addition to the right on doctrine movement that we belong to. From their official webpage: they state that they “reject dispensationalism.” Faith Baptist Church also rejects birth control, homosexuality, is post trib, are local church oriented among many different great strong stances. Their salvation stance is crystal clear, salvation by grace through faith. They specifically state that they do not believe in having to “repent of your sins” in order to be saved.


Faith Baptist Church is strong on soul winning, hard on preaching, and has a growing vision to reach large numbers of people with the gospel. Plus, this June they will be hosting a soul winning marathon with Pastor Steven Anderson at their church. The church is regularly out soul winning twice each weekend, reaching their local community. Here’s the post we made earlier on the KJVRVG website regarding their soul winning marathon:

Hosted by FWBC & Pastor Joe Major (FBC):
June 2 – Soul-winning Marathon in New Orleans, LA
Event Page:

Picking Sides

Pastor Joe Major has come out hitting hard on issue such as born that way. With his youtube sermon “Born Straight after ALL” He has come down hard on the “Born That Way After All” Book and their crowd with pervert Johnny Nixon. In addition, Pastor Major has begun preaching very clearly against the pre-trib rapture , the anti-christ Jews, and dispensationalism. He is not afraid to preach against the preachers of this land that have turned from the true doctrine of the King James Bible. Faith Baptist Church is a small local church standing against the large mainstream IFB Mafia. His preaching is a must to listen to. Check out his preaching at:

Here’s a recent sermon from Faith Baptist Church:

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