Boyle Family

Pastor Boyle is the Pastor of Countryside Baptist Church in Port Washington OH. For the last 5 years, he pastors a small church that started at 18 and now by God’s blessing over 100. His family is growing too, his wife and him have 7 children, ranging in ages from 15 to 5. Their story is fascinating. Around 13 years ago Pastor Boyle was sent out as an evangelist from Landmark Baptist Church in Florida to the country of Romania as a missionary. During that time he did some amazing works for God in helping 3 churches plant that were turned over to nationals, as well as see the churches grow with the Lord’s blessing (see youtube video for more information


Romania and the Rapture

During the time that Pastor Boyle was in Romania he began to search out the scriptures on the pre-trib rapture. His goal was to understand the pre-trib rapture, and not even to disprove it. The more he searched the more he was confused, and even questioned himself, “What’s wrong with me?” He read books from pre-trib authors, and while during the reading the story would make sense in it’s own world, it still would not make sense when searching out the Bible. Then after being on the mission field for several years he ran into Pastor Anderson’s Revelation series. “Read your Bible Chronologically, Revelation 1-11, and 12-22.” Stuck in his head about how to divide Revelation. Once this was done everything began to fall into play. It just clicked. The more he studied, the more he was convinced. Since that time he has been very open about his belief in the Post-Trib Rapture.


The Pre-Trib Mafia

The trouble began when Pastor Boyle returned to the states. He had just left everything to the churches he started. The only things he brought with him and his family were the clothes on their backs and the suitcases in his car. Pastor Boyle returned to a church in Florida that he was under the impression he was going to begin Pastoring. Pastor Mickey Carter was there to greet him with the church. They had a short sit-down meeting where he was asked a very pointed question about his doctrine. After confirming his belief, he was thrown out. Pastor Boyle had no idea that the Post-Trib rapture was a big deal in America. It’s just Bible after all! From there they began travelling looking for where God would plant them and build them. This is how they came to Countryside Baptist. Thankfully, Countryside Baptist agreed with the Post-Trib doctrine. The church welcomed him and his family and brought him in as Pastor. Pastor Boyle wanted to serve God with all his heart, and the Lord opened the door to do so. To Re-cap, they drove without knowing where they were going, only knowing that God would provide for them as they sought to boldly preach the truth. The faith that it takes to do such a thing is amazing.


The Admonition

Pastor Boyle has a testimony for you out there who want to preach the truth and know that the pre-trib mafia will come and tear away your old community support from you: Make sure you know for yourself what you believe, and if it’s true, we don’t have to have the approval of any other Baptist brethren or organization. Truth is to be preached whether it’s received or not. When I came to that truth, the statement that helped me is that “judgment is of the Lord.” I’m preaching his commandments, not mine, and I don’t change my views because it offends someone, I don’t change my views on salvation, why would I change my views on escatology? But the truth and sell it not… certainly the truth is worth it.” These interview notes still cannot do justice to the awesome testimony that Pastor Boyle has, especially his work, faith, and love for God. If you live in Ohio, or even in Western PA this church is here to preach the truth boldly! Be built up in a church that will teach you and your family right. Be built up in Countryside Baptist Church.


Check out his awesome hard preaching below on being the generation that stands the watch.

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