Make your own YouTube Business cards!

It’s very simple, and we’re going to give you some basic instructions on how to make your own YouTube Business Cards so that you can give these out in your own soul winning times. These cards are invaluable to the soul winner, and I highly recommend you get some. During this tutorial I am literally buying my own.

The Images

2.25x 3.75


Above are four different images that you can use, either front and back. You can make the original card, or simply just a front with the New card I have put together. It has both English and Spanish Movies on the same side. You can also add the KJVRVG app website on the back to any of these cards. Or you can take these images into Paint and pop and swap the individual movies as you desire between the cards. These cards do not contain the websites on the bottom, so you can write them in and customize them as you need!

Setting up the design

Go to and type in Vistaprint Business Cards. You should see an ad pop up for 500 business cards for only 9.99. If you go for Front and back this is going to be about 21.00 before shipping. Press the ad, then press get started on the 9.99 deal. The web page will ask you for your information to personalize the business cards, ignore this. You already have the images above to place on a custom card. Click on “Use your complete design.” Then select the horizontal card. Click on the card where it says “Upload your Design”. Three options above will appear, select “Add Image”. Next, press the “from my computer” link, and browse your computer for the first card image you downloaded above. Once this is done, select “Add a back side” beneath the card (if you desire a full card with 3 English on Front and 3 Spanish on back instead of 2 English 1 Spanish Front only) Now you will see options above the card for additional charge. I have selected “Full Color.” Repeat the steps above for selecting and uploading your second card image.

Buying the Cards

Now that you have your images uploaded, select “Next” at the bottom of this design page. If the review page clips the cards, select edit on top of the card and resize the pictures on the cards. This is a simple process, there are blue circles at the edge of each image you can click and hold with the mouse to scale the image larger or smaller. If your images are good, check the box, and select next. Then select your quantity, for me it is going to be 500, and then click next through brilliant finish (No Brilliant Finish is already checked). Afterwards on the option “Paper Stock” select “Glossy” which is the second the last item from the bottom. For the next few steps you are going to be clicking next a lot as you pass by all the advertisement and little knicknacks that Vistaprint encourages you to add on to your order.  At the bottom of the last page with your total, which if you are doing it as I am will be around 21.00, select “Checkout.” From here on out the process is self explanatory. Fill in your personal info, your desired method of shipping, and payment information.
God Speed for gospel preaching with these cards!
Here is a link to the YouTube Video of Pastor Anderson and the YouTube Cards:


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