Sean Jolley was saved by grace through faith upon hearing the preaching of the gospel by Pastor Steven Anderson in a ten-minute YouTube video entitled “Basic Soul Winning Demonstration” in April of 2014.  Having previously identified himself as a Christian, he did not understand what it meant to be saved until learning the truth about salvation: It is a free everlasting gift for those that place all their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Upon being indwelled with the Holy Spirit, there awoke within him a great spiritual hunger for the things of God to include hard Bible preaching, the reading of the King James Bible, and ultimately, door-to-door soulwinning.  Having studied Spanish for most of his life, Sean decided to put his talent to use in preaching the gospel to Spanish speakers and in translating Christian materials into Spanish.  He edited translation work and did voice over work for the 2016 Spanish dubbed release of the 2015 Framing the World Productions documentary film, “Marching to Zion”.

He hopes to complete many future translations for the furtherance of God’s kingdom.  Sean lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with his wife, Karla, son, John David, and daughter, Diana Sofia and endeavors to one day hold the office of a bishop or evangelist.

Spanish Team

Sean Jolley
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