Estefano Leone
Born in 1988 in Perú, from a family of 3 boys. When he was 3 his catholic mom converted to bible believing christianism whom in the future years would convert the majority of her family and neighborhood to Christ.

He got married at the age of 25 to his wife Katie who is currently pregnant with a beautiful daughter.

Estefano went to Business Management College and Graphic Design School in Lima. He is currently serving in a non-profit ministry helping low resources kids, tutoring them with their homework and teaching them biblical doctrine along with his wife.

His life was radically changed when his brother introduced him to the documentary movie “Marching to Zion” from Pastor Steven Anderson. After that he got immersed in Faithful Word Baptist Church and Stedfast Baptist Church preachings and learned how to teach scriptures and have very good apologetics skills thanks to this wonderful ministries. He had been a believer all of his life but started soul winning in early 2016 and he is now happy to do so.

He thanks God for the life of Pastor Steven Anderson and how he influenced his life through his ministry and has lead a revival in his family.

All praise to the King of kings and Lord of Lords! Cristo reina!

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