The Faithful Audio Project

The Faithful Word App, the official app of Faithful Word Baptist Church is now completed and fully functional, operated by the Faithful Audio Team. Owned and provided for free for all to use, recordings available of the KJV. Brother Jorge Ramos is in progress for the RVG as a native speaker.

This application is the beginning of a much greater global project. We currently support the Audio of the KJV New Testament and RVG New Testament.

We also support the Greek Audio of Scrivener’s 1894 Text, the French Ostervald book of John and plan of salvation. In addition we support the Portuguese Almeida Corregida Fiel book of John, and the 1894 Hindi books of John, Romans, and Revelation.

Currently the app has the gospel in about 50 languages and continuing to grow, reaching the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are continuing to record other language’s textus receptus Bibles, or KJV equivalents. This application also houses the music of FWBC Hymns and VBC Hymns. Psalms are included from and from a Psalm project done by Collin Schneide

This application is produced in accordance with the copyright on the RVG Bible.

We are always looking for likeminded believers who speak foreign languages, and can code Mobile Applications.


The Faithful Word App Vision

This application is full of promise, and we hope that you enjoy what is just the beginning! We look forward to seeing this work grow more and more! Already we are reaching out to get the gospel across international boundaries in any language that has a faithful Bible, but even more so someday to reach out with hard preaching. Applications are the future of technology. Someday each church will have it’s own application, and this work will be just the beginning. Currently we are beginning work on the Applications for the preaching of FWBC, and VBC.

Please contact us for more information, and check out our Youtube channels for free downloadable copies of the Audio.

For the glory of God and His Word Jesus Christ!
The Faithful Audio Team


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